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State of Alabama

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Alabama Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources

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City of Scottsboro, AL

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Read our latest press release on the Ultimate Angler World Championship.

Unified Pros Announces the Ultimate Angler World Championship

Unified Pros and the State of Alabama Join Forces to Offer the Largest Pro & Amateur Bass Fishing Tournament and Payout Ever on Lake Guntersville, Scottsboro, AL, October 5th - 11th, 2025.

Scottsboro, AL (June 10, 2024) – Dig into tournament bass fishing and history reveals the blood, sweat, and tears of a dedicated group of bass anglers and hard-working folks in Alabama. Front and center, we are talking about the late Ray Scott, the genius behind the first pro bass fishing tournaments going back to the 1960s.

Years after the launch of the Bassmaster Series and the Bassmaster Classic (aka “The Super Bowl of Bass Fishing”), numerous other national pro bass fishing circuits popped up, many of which still exist today, like Bassmaster itself, MLF, NPFL, and many others.

Well, meet a new organization similarly founded in Scott’s home state of Alabama, a group that refers to itself as Unified Pros, a nonprofit with no ownership, promising to be the biggest news in tournament bass fishing since those early days of Ray Scott, Roland Martin, Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston, and other passionate anglers who got the whole ball of wax started, thus creating a billion-dollar-plus industry across the world.

Working hand-in-hand, the new organization Unified Pros and the state of Alabama will launch its first tournament, the Ultimate Angler Championship—October 5th- 11th on Lake Guntersville, near Scottsboro, AL. with a guaranteed 1st Place payout of $500,000—the largest pot in bass fishing’s history—the tournament will offer a total of over 1 million in cash payouts.

The vision is to inspire and unify a global community of professional athletes from all leagues to champion the power of the outdoors, fostering unity, excellence, competition, and philanthropy—and elevate the sportfishing, the outdoors, and conservation.

Alabama State Senator Majority Leader, Steve Livingston, comments: “Alabama offers outdoor recreational activities unlike any other place in the world, and we are committed to conserving our abundant, God-given natural resources. We are absolutely thrilled to host The Ultimate Angler World Championship in Scottsboro, as we put Alabama on the map for competitive fishing and will continue to raise funds for further conservation initiatives.”

How did the group conceive and underwrite such an amazing tournament?

The team’s concept was driven by passionate pro anglers and other industry folks looking for a way to unite and raise bass fishing to an entirely new level for “the love of the game.” In combination with the state of Alabama, as well as local partners, City of Scottsboro, Jackson County and state leadership, the group also wanted to raise awareness of the state’s healthy bass fisheries and help raise funds for conservation—ultimately, to fund grants for federal-matched dollars for conservation grants. The unprecedented payout is secured and over $1 million will go to a guaranteed, top 10 finish payout to kickstart United Pros’ and greater Alabama’s first event, which is slated to every year in Alabama.

The team modeled the Ultimate Angler Tournament after the Masters US Open, and like the Masters US Open, Ultimate Angler will be open to qualifying college anglers, amateurs, and pros. United Pros also modeled the tournament after AP college football, essentially creating a bass fishing version of an FCS game, the first and only champion crowned across multiple leagues and tournament trails.

The other thing that separates United Pros inaugural event from other tournaments is that it will not be sponsor-driven. All of the money is being underwritten by the state of Alabama, Jackson County, and the City of Scottsboro.

Also note: This tournament will have a five fish limit and prohibit use of forward-facing sonar.

Nothing against today’s fishing technology, but United Pros really wanted to bring the sport back to what it used to be before forward-facing sonar. This event will showcase all the lures and techniques that make up professional bass fishing. It may just bring more intuition, hard work, and even luck back into the game; After all, that’s how bass fishing started with conservation and love for the outdoors.

Event Formats: Unified Pros’ “Ultimate Angler” Intro—World Championship

Get ready for the most exhilarating showdown in the world of bass fishing—the Ultimate Angler Championship! The largest payout ever to declare a champion across all professional fishing leagues, and with one of the largest cash payouts in bass fishing history.

Brace yourself as fearless anglers paint a breathtaking backdrop; this championship promises heart-pounding action and jaw-dropping catches that will leave you in awe. The anticipation is palpable as top-notch fishermen armed with their skillful techniques, cutting-edge gear, and unwavering determination prepare to battle it out for the coveted title of “Ultimate Angler.”

Goose Pond on Lake Guntersville sets the stage like no other venue can. With its pristine waters shimmering under the golden sun and surrounded by lush greenery, it is a true angler’s paradise. The legendary body of water boasts some of the biggest and most elusive bass known to mankind. Only those who can decipher their secretive behavior and masterfully lure them into biting will triumph over these formidable opponents.

The atmosphere crackles with excitement as spectators line the shores, eagerly awaiting each cast and electrifying hookset. As boats race across the crystal-clear lake surface, adrenaline courses through every angler’s veins while they navigate through hidden cover and strategic hotspots in pursuit of that mythical catch.

The Ultimate Angler Championship is not just a fishing tournament; it is a celebration of the enduring spirit of those who dare to chase their dreams. It unites anglers from diverse backgrounds, highlighting their talents while fostering camaraderie and mutual respect for the sport we all love at a place “Where tournament bass fishing all began… Alabama.”

So, mark your calendars for October 5-11, 2025, and make your way to Jackson County, in Scottsboro, Alabama. Witness history unfold as the finest qualified bass anglers in the world battle against nature in an epic quest to become the Ultimate Angler World Champion. Prepare for non-stop thrills, heart-stopping moments, and an experience that will forever be etched in your memory—and bass fishing history.

About Unified Pros

Unified Pros, a nonprofit alliance of professional athletes, through our sanctioned competitions, charity events, and membership, aim to elevate the love for outdoor competition while raising awareness for our fisheries, habitat, and their continued conservation. We envision an inclusive world where athletes collaborate and compete in the outdoor arena to create transformative experiences that make a lasting impact on individuals, communities, professional athletes, and the Sport of Bass Fishing.

Through collaborative partnerships with esteemed organizations such as the Major League Fishing Anglers Association (MLFAA), Bassmaster Professional Anglers, National Professional Fishing league (NPFL), NFL Professional Players Association (NFLPA), MLB Players Association (MLBPA), NBA Players Association (NBAPA), and Professional Golfers Association (PGA), we aim to create Pro-Pro events that bring together professionals from various sports disciplines in unique competitive formats. These events will not only offer major payments to winners but also serve as platforms to raise awareness for outdoor activities and conservation efforts. By harnessing the collective influence of these associations, we envision creating extraordinary experiences that unite athletes, build camaraderie, and promote the importance of preserving our outdoors and fisheries.


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Event Information


October 5 - 11, 2025


Lake Guntersville, Alabama

Launch Site

Goosepond Colony Resort, City of Scottsboro

Registration Opens

July 1, 2024


You must register before your qualifying sanctioned event

(UP Membership is $500 per year)

  Tournament Rules

  Payout Structure

  The Ultimate Angler Payout

  1st Place: $500,000

  2nd Place: $130,000

  3rd Place: $80,000

  4th Place: $70,000

  5th Place: $50,000

  6th Place: $45,000

  7th Place: $40,000

  8th Place: $35,000

  9th Place: $30,000

  10th Place: $25,000

  11th - 25th Place: $7,500 each

  26th - 50th Place: $5,000 each

  51st - 100th Place: $1,000 each

 Total Ultimate Angler Payout: $1,292,500

  Big Bass Day Payout

  Big Bass Day 1: $10,000

  Big Bass Day 2: $10,000

  Big Bass Day 3: $10,000

 Total Big Bass Payout: $30,000

 Total Combined Payout: $1,322,500

  If more than 5,000 members register, the Ultimate Angler payout will be increased

Payout is guaranteed for 2025 Ultimate Angler

Sanctioned Events

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  • Bass Pro Tour (BPT):
    • St. Lawrence River
  • Tackle Warehouse Invitationals:
    • Detroit River
  • Toyota Series:
    • Lake Champlain
    • St. Lawrence River
    • Santee Cooper
    • Lake of the Ozarks
    • Toyota Series Championship
  • Bass Fishing League (BFL):
    • Region 1
    • Region 2
    • Region 3
    • Region 4
    • Region 5
    • Region 6
    • All American
  • MLF College:
    • Both anglers must be a UP member
    • St. Lawrence River
    • Sam Rayburn
    • Chickamauga
  • Elite Series:
    • Lake Champlain
    • St. Lawrence River
  • Opens:
    • Lake St. Clair
    • Leech Lake
    • Mississippi River
    • Lake Hartwell
  • BASS College:
    • Both anglers must be a UP member
    • Lake Hartwell
  • Nation:
    • Lake Champlain
    • Grand Lake
  • Lake Mead Open
  • US Open at Lake Mohave
  • St. Lawrence River
  • Lake Champlain
  • Oneida Lake
  • Championship
  • Both anglers must be a UP member
  • Lay Lake Championship
  • Pickwick Lake
  • Saginaw Bay
  • St. Johns River
  • Lake of the Ozarks
  • To be announced

  • All Bass Pro Tour Events
  • Top 15 in points for BPT (All double qualification will go down the AOY points)
  • Red Crest
  • All Tackle Warehouse Invitationals
  • All Toyota series up to est. September 29, 2025
  • Bass Fishing League points winners up to est. September 29, 2025
  • Both anglers must be a UP member
  • All Elite Series Events
  • Top 15 in points (All double qualifiers will go down the AOY points)
  • Bass Master Classic
  • Opens
  • Nations
  • Both anglers must be a UP member
  • All College sanctioned events until est. September 29, 2025
  • All sanctioned events until est. September 29, 2025
  • All sanctioned events until est. September 29, 2025
  • All sanctioned events until est. September 29, 2025
  • Both anglers must be a UP member
  • All BFL Division Points winners up to est. September 29, 2025
  • Championship
  • All sanctioned events until est. September 29, 2025

  • All sanctioned events for the Ultimate Angler may be subject to change depending on the leagues' 2025 schedule.

  • Estimated cut-off date is September 29, 2025, for the 2025 Ultimate Angler Championship on Lake Guntersville.

  • Membership is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.

  • Membership must be current at the time of qualified fishing events.

  • The highest placing Unified Pro Angler will qualify for The Ultimate Angler Championship.

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    Please note that the sanctioned events selected for this tournament have no affiliation or collaboration with any official leagues, including but not limited to Major League Fishing (MLF), the National Professional Fishing League (NPFL), and the Bass Angler’s Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.). These leagues have not been involved in the planning or development of this event, and they do not endorse, support, or sponsor this tournament in any capacity.

    Participants and attendees should be aware that this event operates independently and is not associated with any of the aforementioned organizations. Any references to these leagues are purely for descriptive purposes and do not imply any form of endorsement or partnership.

    By participating in or attending this event, you acknowledge and accept that this tournament is conducted solely by its organizers without any involvement or oversight from Major League Fishing, the National Professional Fishing League, or the Bass Angler’s Sportsman Society.